Is Your Laundry Piling Up? Leave the Folding to Us.

Schedule laundry services in the Annapolis, MD area

Keeping up with laundry can be a tall order when you have thousands of other responsibilities to take care during the day. Babysitter Boutique is here to lend a helping hand. We provide comprehensive laundry services in Annapolis, MD and the surrounding areas.

Our laundry cleaning and laundry drop-off service will be set up around your schedule and at your convenience. Call 443-653-3945 right now to learn more about our one-time or regular laundry services.

What kind of laundry services do you need?

Babysitter Boutique offers professional laundry services in the Annapolis, MD area. We can:

  • Wash and fold your laundry in your home
  • Take your laundry to a laundry mat and bring it back clean and folded
  • Provide one-time or monthly subscription laundry drop-off and cleaning services

You won't have to worry about you or the kids running out of clean clothes when you've got the professionals from Babysitter Boutique by your side. Contact us today to set up your laundry drop-off schedule.

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